Timeless, voyage à travers le temps

Il souffle un nouveau vent d’émerveillement dans le monde des séries. Après avoir découvert The Bold Type, me revoici pour vous parler de Timeless.


Pourquoi on l’aime ?

Timeless, c’est le mélange parfait entre histoire et science-fiction. La toute nouvelle série historique d’NBC, sauvée in extremis pour une deuxième saison de deux épisodes, nous embarque dans un voyage à travers le temps pour sauver l’Histoire. Un super documentaire pour les amoureux d’histoire, une bonne façon de développer sa culture gé’ pour les autres.


L’avenir des Etats-Unis est en danger. Un chercheur a inventé une machine à remonté le temps, et cette dernière vient d’être volé par un terroriste en mission pour erradiquer l’histoire entière des Etats-Unis. Pour sauver l’Histoire, une seule personne : l’historienne Lucy Preston. Accompagné de Wyatt Logan, militaire décoré, et Rufus Carlin, unique scientifique à savoir piloter la machine à remonter le temps, elle s’envole d’époque en époque dans une chasse périlleuse pour conserver l’Histoire telle que nous la connaissons.

Mais comme alterer l’Histoire signifie changer le présent, chaque voyage à travers le temps viendra avec son lot de conséquences, en particulier pour Lucy dont la soeur sera effacée de l’Histoire, comme si elle n’avait jamais existé.


Deux mondes se confrontent : notre société moderne et développée face à une époque loin des progrès scientifiques, des droits de l’homme et d’une place affirmé pour les femmes dans la société. Une façon ludique et partiulièrement interessante de redécouvrir l’histoire. 


Des talents fou

La magnifique Abigail Spencer nous émerveille, encore et toujours. Infiniment talentueuse, son interpretation de Lucy transmet chaque émotion, avec justesse et passion.

Timeless - Season 1

Matt Lanter nous éblouit tout autant pas son talent. Véritablement torturé, son personnage Wyatt Logan nous emmène sur veritable roller coaster d’ébranlement et affection, que Matt incarne avec sensibilité et authenticité.


Goran Visnjic, que l’on ne présente plus, devient le méchant que l’on adore detester.

Timeless - Season 1

En Bref

Ambiance mi documentaire, mi drama, Timeless est la série qui prend au trip et tient en halaine jusqu’à la dernière seconde. De rebondissement en rebondissement, Timeless nous fait redécouvrir l’histoire … et la réinvente. 



Crédits images : NBC – facebook.com/NBCTimeless –

How to decorate your appartement when you’re on a budget ?

If you know me you know that I’m a huge interior design fan ! But unfortunately, when you’re in your 20s, trying to figure out your life and living on savings to afford studying, it can be really hard to have an appartment that looks anything close to your dream home.

I’m the type of girl that can’t live in a place with no personality, no color, and no « life » in it. So when I got my first appartement, I took the time to figure out how to make it feel exactly like home.

So, ’cause I’m awesome like that, here my tips for you to decorate and organize your place without needing to get too fancy. Because with all the stress and hard work you’re gonna go through with university, you sure need a nice apartement to come home to and to relax in.

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Collect as much as you can from your relatives’ house !

From my grandmother’s old iron and dishes, to my mom’s never-used-curtains, I went aroud all my family to see what they didn’t use that I could collect – and thus wouldn’t have to buy. That’s how you’re gonna save the most money. And if you’re leaving far far far away from your hometown like me, and know that you won’t be back often, take your bedroom’s furniture too ! You’ll save a lot of money, and honestly if you’re only back home a few weeks a year you don’t really need a fully decorated room there.

Stay cheap …

Ikea is every students’ bestfriend for a reason. This is probably the most important moto for us : always prefere the cheap option. Sure the quality isn’t always great, but you’re not gonna live in a one-room appartement forever, and by the time you move you’ll have different needs and differents tastes. Buying cheap furnitures and decorations allows you switch it out more often and to never get bored of the place you live in ! 

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… and practical …

You’re crucially going to lack space and money. So always choose the most practical option, and not just the best looking one. Multifunctions oven, clickety-clack, etc.. are your friends !

I also chosed to go for a self-made bar table to save space and have some countertop space to cook on. It’ll all in the creativity !

… but do invest in some quality from time to time !

You won’t live here forever and won’t use most of your furniture forerver, but there are some items that no matter where you live or what age you are, you’re always going to need them. I, for instance, chosed to invest in some good quality kitchen utensils. I also bought a high quality desk chair, because when it comes to my back, comfort wins over money. Ask yourself what you’ll keep for years and what you’re not willing to sacrifice, comfortably speaking. This is where you’re going to invest !

Details are the key !

Enough with the furnitures, let’s talk about decoration ! Buy candles, mirrors, plaids, rugs, pillows, a nice bedding set … Anything that will add color to your appartment and that will make it feel so much more cosy !

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Put pictures everywhere !

Living far away from my family I tend to get really nostalgic and to miss them a lot. Plus one of the main reason I struggled a lot with making my appartment feel like home is that they just weren’t here. Adding pictures really added some life to the white walls. I also went for the polaroid option to give a vintage style to my appartment. My best tips : frame everything ! You’re favorites pictures, your favorites quotes… It’s the best way to make your house look fancy without it costing anything !

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Buy plants !

This might seems superficial but it’s actually the first thing I bought for my appartment. Putting some green in a room immediately gives it some life. Trust me, they’re living things, so you’ll never feel really alone in your appartment anymore. And if you’re worried that you’ll just end up killing them, do like me and by grass plants, or plants that don’t require too much care. Believe me, I don’t have a green hand either and my plants are doing just fine ! 

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Add some color !

Yellow, blush pink, mint bleu… whatever it is, just go for it ! Obviously don’t go painting all of your walls in these color, but do add some colors a little bit everywhere, always sparingly !

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I hope those fews tips will help you out ! ♥

The Bold Type, let the girlpower take over !

Friendship. Diversity. Tolerance. And love. Do these words mean something special to you ? If yes, then you will definitely fall in love with Freeform’s new tv show The Bold Type. 


Inspired by the life of Joanna Coles, former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief,  The Bold Type brings us in the universe of the editorial board of the women’s magazine Scarlet. The main protagonists – Jane, Kat and Sutton – are three bestfriends who each work in a different section of the editorial board and are all trying to find their way … and their selves.


It has become a pretty dull world in the universe of tv shows. Everything seems to be about money and business, and the only shows that stay on the air are the lucrative ones. Procedural and medical drama, teen shows … Gone is the originality. Where is the show that captivates ? The one who educates ? The one with a purpose ? The show that takes you in a universe so fascinating yet so real that it inspires you to go after your dreams ?

Well, in the mad world that has become ours, The Bold Type embodies a wind of fresh, new and gentleness that breath upon a new era of tv show, the one of diversity and Feminism.


In a time where our rights as women are more fragile and put at stake than ever, it is comforting to witness women supporting each others. It is urgent to show little girls that it’s okay to dream big, to want more, and to never settle for less than what they wished for. In this perseptive, The Bold Type reaches to every women out there who ever struggled to figure out who they were, and who ever had to stand up for themselves.


In a light atmoshpere and with a lot of humor, The Bold Type manages to address some of the toughest subjets of our society with subtlety and relevance. From the difficulty of going after your dream job, the sexual pressure put on women, breast cancer, to the place of muslim women in society, bisexuality and even rape – The Bold Type tackles it all, with no prejudice nor judgement.

With a diverse cast and characters, there isn’t one character you won’t identify to. I actually personally find myself identifying to all Kat, Jane and Sutton. Jane and I share the same love for journalism and writing. Kat and I are both technology and social medias lovers, although I wish I had her confidence. And most of all, Sutton and I are the most alike, definitely insecure but definitely big dreamers with a lot of relentlessness.


Amazingly written and produced, and with an outstanding performance on the actors’ part, The Bold Type stands out as a gentle yet vibrant show with powerful messages that urgently must be heard – for the next generation of girls.


In a nutchell,

A show for every girl who ever dared to dream big, for the type who sees life in color, the type who takes no shit and goes after her goals – no matter what. The type who has an opinion and speaks it loud, the types who stands up for herself.  The type who loves, the type who dreams, the type who cries, the bold type


Pictures sources : melty.com – facebook.com/TheBoldTypeTV/ – purefandom.com 

New adventures on the French Riviera !

The semester is finally over (and I actually graduated university YAY !!!), so I finally came back home for a month of vacations, and took some quality time with my family and my beautiful homeland. Prepare yourself for the huge amount of photos below, I was too amazed by these landscapes to make a choice !

Among the little excursions I made during this months, I especially loved going to Villefranche-sur-mer, Monte-Carlo, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Cap d’Ail . If you ever want to visit the French Riviera, trust me, the most beautiful landscapes are situated between Nice and the Italian border.

Even if I’ve lived here all my life, I can never get tired of exploring this place. There is too much to see, always something new to discover, and even when I’m seeing for the hundredth time the deep blue mediterranean sea, the italian-style buldings and the pines forest, these landscapes always take my breath away.

I’m forever in love with my blue mediterranean sea.


The 2017 Monte-Carlo TV Festival

A week ago started the Monte-Carlo TV Festival, which reunites every year actors from all American and French tv shows. It is the perfect occasion to meet our favorite actors and actresses and live amazing experiences such as very chic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, panels with all actors from one tv show, fan meeting, etc … (btw, here’s my article about last year’s festival if you’re interested.)

Among all the actors present this year, I was most excited to meet the actors from the Dick Wolf franchise (Nick Gehlfuss , Kelli Giddish, Laroyce Hawkins, Miranda Mayo, Joe Minoso, and Yuri Sardarov) as I’m a huge fan of the One Chicago universe and SVU. I was also very excited to meet Justin Hartley from This Is Us, which I 100% recommend if you’re looking for a new tv show to watch, Micheal Weatherly from NCIS, who also happens to be te sweetest person ever, Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds, Jussie Smollett from Empire and Stana Katic from Castle.


Despite the longs hours of waiting (sometimes up to ten hours !) and the heatwave that hit France that week (even the umbrellas and frozen water didn’t help to cool us down under the terrible 35 degrees), it nonetheless remains an amazing experience that I wish on everyone to live at least once in their lifetime. The Monte-Carlo Festival is very different than any other TV Festival. The staff is always incredibly nice, and everything is made for us to actually spend time with the people with love so much.


My favorite memory, just like last year, remains the « Dick Wolf franchise Panel ». Having them all right in front of us on stage, hearing all their stories about acting, about what happens behind the scenes, about their lives, dreams and hopes as actors, about their friendship as a cast was truly magical. The whole panel sure remined me of the « Don’t Mess With Chicago » Convention, and it was actually nice to see some of the actors again.

The questions varried from what it is like to film in cities like Chicago and NY ; what the atmosphere is like on set as they all are close friends in real life ; what it is like to play doctors, firefighters, cops and to wear real uniforms – to which Nick Gehlfuss answered that he liked to play a doctor because it was like going to work in your pjs. However, the actors from Chicago Fire explained that they were always wearing the real firefighter uniform and that it is extremely heavy and hot, even during the Chicagoan winters. They were also questions about the training they had to do and the kind of « pressure » they feel representing the real people who do these jobs and to honor them ; about their most beautiful experience as actors on the shows – to which Nick Gehlfuss responded that it was us, the audience and all the love he gets back from us ; and about which other character from the Chicago Franchise they would like to play – to which some of them answered Trudy Platt played by the amazing Amy Morton, or Alvin Olinski played by Elias Kotes, both on Chicago PD, and Laroyce Hawkins said that it would be Kim Burgess (inside joke…).  


I was even able to ask a question about what it is like to film crossover episodes and to interract with actors from another show. Kelli Giddish responded that after being on the same set for six years, as impressive as it can be, being on a new set kind of feels like Disneyland, and that it is always an incredible experience because working with a new cast and crew feels like starting something new.

Panels like this are always extremely specials, especially for a small festival like this where we were about fifty people in the room. It allows such a promixity with the cast, and we really get to know them, not only as actors or characters, but as human being too. I gotta say they are all pretty outstanding people, with beautiful minds and big hearts, so down-to-earth and really grateful for their fans. If only all of Hollywood had such a nice spirit…


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were really beautiful and classy too. In the presence of Prince Albert II, it was a really chic event and the perfect occasion to wear our most beautiful dresses. We were lucky enough to be sitted in the « vip » zone with all the celebrities, which made the whole thing even more dreamy.


Thank you so much for the magical week, Monte-Carlo ! I’m saying goodbye with memories imprinted in my heart forever, and if it was my last festival it sure was an outstanding one. Thank you !


« Don’t Mess With Chicago »

Three weeks ago I attented my first ever convention in Paris – and let me tell you, it was a total dream come true.

On May 20th and 21th I thus attented the « Don’t Mess With Chicago » convention, which reunited actors from the whole Chicago franchise – Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med. Among the actors who attended the convention, there was Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer, Marina Squerciati, Patrick Flueger, Jon Seda, Torrey DeVitto, Colin Donnell, Miranda Mayo, Joe Minoso, Yuri Sardarov, and David Eigenberg.

What is a convention, you ask ? It is an event that actors from a specific tv show (in this case, the One Chicago franchise produced by Dick Wolf) attend, and where they participate to autographs and photoshoot sessions with their fans, as well as panels, cocktail parties, private meeting sessions etc …


As you can see I made Marina Squerciati and Torrey DeVitto sign the photos I had taken with them at the Monte-Carlo festival ! It was amazing meeting them again, they really are the nicest people ever.

I’ve been an admirer of the outstanding actress Sophia Bush ever since her debutes in One Tree Hill, and as she’s now playing a badass dedective in the tv show Chicago PD I soon became a fan of the whole franchise, so obvisously I was more than excited to finally meet her after seven years of following her in her career and her activism.


I also had the immense honor of being in charge of creating the fanbook (a book made of messages from fans to an actor – kinda like a yearbook – but dedicated to one specific person) that has been offered to Jesse Lee Soffer.  I started working on the project in december and finally given it to him in person on May 20th. It was a pretty intense moment – meeting an actor you’ve been admiring for years and at the same time having the honor of offering him a gift that more than 45 people have participated to put together… I got to have a « souvenir » picture with him when I gave him the fanbook. I know I’ll remember this day forever.


Not to mention the autographs sessions and photoshoot sessions where I got to meet my favorite actors and realize the dream of a lifetime (I had been waiting to meet Sophia Bush since I was a teenage girl), the panels were also especially interesting and captivating. We got to hear about what happens behind the scenes, about the actors personals views on their characters, on their carrers, on the causes they defend, on their goals on the shows and on their personal lives. It was a pretty special moment to have the actors of our favorites shows answering our questions and interracting with us. At the end of the Chicago Med we even spent the most magical minutes of the weekend while dancing on Despacito with Colin Donnell and Torrey DeVitto.


It truly was a weekend that I’ll cherish and remember all my life. I don’t know why they say « you should never meet your heroes », because meeting my role-model for years was a pretty magical moment. In fact, I believe everyone should get to meet the person they look up to  whether it is an actor, singer, musician, athlete …

I was too impressed to talk to them much, but I did gave Sophia Bush a (three pages – oops !) letter that contains basically everything I’ve been waiting to tell since I was 13, and I gave Jesse his fanbook which also contains a little message on why I admire him – so it’s not like they won’t know how much I love them. The simple fact of being him these people’s presence though, to have them in front of me and not behind my tv screen, to being able to look at them in the eyes … these are moments that are going to say printed in me forever.


I can finally cross « meeting Sophia Bush » off my bucket list… Now, time for some new adventures !

(You can see me at the top left hand corner haha !)

Days of summer…

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Summer is right around the corner and I’ve disovered another amazing landscape of this beautiful place I get to call home-away-from-home. I feel entirely blessed to be going to the beach in March, when the weather is already nice enough to appreciate the warm of the sun but the beach isn’t too crowded by tourists. Moments like this are exactly why I never want to leave – and why I’m so glad I came.

What a better way to spend the weekend than to hop in the car and drive to the beach while listening to Ed Sheeran’s new album, right ? And then to endlessly walk along the beach, thinking about nothing else but this moment…

The beach is definitely the place where I feel the most at peace. It also reminds me of my real home, French Riviera. Though, the beach here are definitely the prettiest, I mean nothing could top those endless kilometers of sand.

Les nouveautés de cette année : American Housewife et Designated Survivors

American Housewife, entre humour et douceur


American Housewife, c’est la nouvelle sitcom d’ABC qui cartonne. Déjà reconduite pour une saison de 22 épisodes, c’est l’histoire de Katie, mère de famille légèrement névrosée, qui tente tant bien que mal d’élever ses trois enfants dans petite ville riche où tout le monde semble en apparence mener une vie parfaite.

Sitcom oblige, la petite famille de Katie n’est évidement pas aussi parfaite que celle de ses voisins : un mari maniaque, une ainée prom-queen alors que Katie se bat avec ses rondeurs, un fils surdoué qui s’annonce être un futur génie de Wall Street et une petite dernière qui semble avoir hérité de tout les défauts de son père…


Mais Katie assume entièrement sa famille pour le moins peu conventionnelle et est déterminée à ne pas faire de sa tribu une famille parfaite – elle en a fait son mantra : les autres mères de sa ville ont beau avoir l’air parfaite, elles sont surtout très superficielles. Résultat : dès le premier épisode, on s’attache à cette petite famille qui pour le coup à tout d’authentique.

Une série qui fait du bien et qui nous rappelle notre propre famille, avec ses qualités et ses défauts – mais surtout pleine d’amour et de tendresse.


Designated Survivors, Président malgré lui


Designated Survivors imagine une attaque terroriste qui ne fait aucun survivant parmi le gouvernement américain. Tom Kirkman, « survivant désigné », se retrouve, malgré lui, au pouvoir du pays le plus influent au monde.

C’est donc un homme politique pas vraiment expérimenté qui doit faire face au poids de lourdes responsabilités pour lesquelles rien ne l’avait préparé, pendant que les yeux du reste du monde sont rivés sur lui.


Mêlant jeux politiques dans cette course au pouvoir et attaques terroristes, Designated Survivors nous tient en haleine d’épisodes en épisodes et se révèle comme une pépite d’action qui nous rappelle House of Cards, Quantico, et même Scandal.

Designated Survivors c’est aussi un casting de taille : avec Kierfer Sutherland (24) dans le rôle principale de Tom Kirkman, la belle Natacha McElhone qui incarne la nouvelle First Lady, ou encore Kal Penn qui nous avait bien manqué depuis l’époque Dr House.

Une nouvelle année de série qui fut donc plutôt positive avec des programmes de qualité. Sitcom ou drama, il y en a eu pour tout les gouts. A vos écrans, c’est l’heure de binge-watcher !

Christmas in the city

Montpellier always becomes a special place around Christmas time. Streets full of Christmas trees, lights everywhere, the smell of hot wine, bretzels and churros… Everything is done here to make you feel the magic of Christmas. So among a lot a animations we get the traditional « fête des lumières », literally « lights party » when the historical buldings of the city become animated with illuminations, the Christmas market, and the iconic giant globe made of lights.

Around this time of the year of the weather has definitely got cold but not cold enough to be freezing so it’s amazing to just wander down the streets, holding a cup  of hot chocolate and looking at the little shops. The magic of christmas is so present that the streets are crowded of locals and tourists. This is one hundred percent my favorite time of the year !

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A bit of inspiration

If you’re a book lover like me you probably have this habit of always buying ten new books when you still have twenty at home waiting to be read. But what’s wrong with having your own at-home library, right ?

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The Promise of Pencil, by Adam Braun.


Adam Braun created the nonprofit organization Pencils of Promise, which is dedicated to building school in underdevelopped countries.

Reading The Promise of Pencil was like embarking on a journey of finding purpose. I’ve rarely felt so passionnated and inspired by someone’s words. Adam Braun leads us on the road to self-discovery in order to built ourselves a more meaningful life, and teaches us about the true meaning of selflessness and philanthropy. The Promise of Pencil is also a huge life lesson on working hard to achieve your dreams and never let anything come between you and your goals.

The Promise of Pencil in three words : passion, purpose, and meaning.


I Am That Girl, by Alexis Jones

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I can’t summarize I Am That Girl better than by saying it is THE most empowering book for women.

Alexis Jones is the founder of the non-profit organization I Am That Girl : a community of girls dedicated to empowering women, « a movement inspiring girls to love, express and be exactly who they are » .

It really wouldn’t be an exaggeration for me to say that reading that book changed my life in some ways. It definitely opened my eyes on what kind of woman I aspire to be. This book teaches us a lot as women, from discovering our passion and purpose in life to finding who we want to be and leading a life that would speak our truth. It’s definitely one of the most inspirational book I’ve ever read, and the lessons I’ve got from it are golden and I try to remember them daily : get rid of the constant self-doubt and start leaning on your self-love. Dream bigger than we’ve be taught to and don’t be afraid to fight for what you want and deserve.

It’s no secret that there’s still a lot of work to be done for our gender, but reading I Am That Girl and learning more about this community gave me a bit of hope for us. It is truly comforting to find something that supports and brings girls together.


Yes Please, by Amy Poelher

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“I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things.”

Amy Poelher, hilarious as always, gifted us with a real feel-good book with Yes Please.

I’m personally very interested in the media and film industry so I was really excited to read her stories about Parks and Recreation and her time at SNL. 

Little did I know that not only I would read amazing stories about that time, but also discover a book full of life lessons for any girl. The number of inspirational quotes I found in that book is crazy.

“You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.”

It’s certainly the main point of the book : life is not always a picnic – but Amy still manages to find positivity and humor even in tough times, and shows us that life might not be perfect right now (it never is anyway), but it does get better.

« That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me.”

I think that’s the part that really got to me : stop comparing yourself to others. Amy gets real with the true definition of « being enough », which is something that speaks so much to me.  I’ve always dreaded the word « enough », never feeling like that was something I would ever reach. Yet what really spoke to me on Yes Please was to learn how to use self-love to silent that inner voice that we all have that tells us we are not enough. 

Amy reminds us that everyone feels that way, but that instead of starting a competition with the rest of the world, focus on learning to feel like you are enough and support and celebrate others. You will be so much more happy and confident that way.

“I believe great people do things before they are ready.”

Another inspirational lesson I learned from Amy is to get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Don’t wait till you’re ready, because you’ll probably never be. And so what if you failed ? At least you will have tried, and at the end of the day isn’t that what truly matters ?

“The only way we will survive is by being kind. The only way we can get by in this world is through the help we receive from others. No one can do it alone, no matter how great the machines are.”